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Dynamic Lyric Video[Kinetic Typography] Specials

Our services are for the upcoming/established artists of any genre. With this Kinetic Typography lyric video your fans will hear/see your music from a creative perspective. Perfectly timed & edited typography to suit your style of music…. This is what we do.

We’re now offering our new “Kinetic Lyric Video” services at just:

$85[Premium Lyric Video] [Gold Package]

 $25[Standard Lyric Video] [Silver Package]

 $15 [Basic Lyric Video] [Bronze Package]



I can make effects/lyrics to music, make animated backgrounds and anything else you need for your project. No word count necessary, we work with full songs/freestyles etc, 

Genres: Rap, Hiphop, Dancehall, Reggae, Metal, Rock, Gospel… all genres

-Check out some of our previous projects done:




We have broken our services into 3 affordable packages to fit your budget/project:

BASIC: $15 USD [Details below] Completion: 6 days

 Full song [Up to 6mins]
– 1 color background [You choose color] or 1 Image you send [or leave it up to me]

-1 text color & font [You choose] [or leave it up to me]

Output in mp4 format 1080 x 720p HD

[example below]

STANDARD: $25 USD [Details belowCompletion: 5 days

– One lyric video up to 6 mins.

– 4 simple color background [You choose colors] or images you send or leave it to me

– 4 text color changes

– Titles/Credits/Promo

Output in mp4 format 1080 x 720p HD

[example below]

PREMIUM: $85 USD [Details below] Completion: 7 days

One lyric video up to 6 mins.

Various color background [You choose color] or leave it to me

word by word typography & effects

Or Add any photos or video footage you send

– Various color changes of text [You choose color] or leave it to me

Output in mp4 format full HD 1280 x 1080

Professional Titles 

Visual Effects










1. Click Logo of selected package to get started Ordering [PayPal Only]


order now


order now


order now

2.  Click Logo below to Download ‘Preference form’  and send required files [along with paypal order number] to specified email address: gmcofficialmusic@gmail.com



That’s it…. your video will be done by the delivery date on selected package & sent to you via email.

If you have any questions send me a message me on facebook [I will reply within the hour]:


or email:  gmcofficialmusic@gmail.com and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Looking forward to work with you on your new project! #GMCOfficialMusic



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