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Music Video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “GO” featuring Robbin HooD.

New music video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “GO” featuring Robbin HooD. © 2014 Futuristik Music Group.

Engineered, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, Shot & Edited by: http://www.facebook.com/GMCOfficialMusic

Powered By: Futuristik Musik Group | Uneasy Riders Wear | 246Mixtapes & Flight Skool Ent.


Currently #1 on the ReverbNation charts for BB:

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1: GMC- The Bridgetown Knight 2[Street Album] [Drops Sept 27 2014]

2: GMC- Futuristic Dreams(Apr 2013) Download link:

3: GMC- Re-construction(Jun 2012) Download link:

For More Info, Bookings, Recording sessions & features, Email GMC @ gmcofficialmusic@gmail.com

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-The Bridgetown Knight II coming soon!!!


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How An Artist’s Value Is Measured! -GMCOfficialMusic

Artists sometimes get lost in traps of warped self-perception Being an artist myself, I’ve often found in most situations the following seems to be the case…

Bloggers want to know: Will a post about you generate pageviews?

DJs want to know: Will the room go dead if they play your record?

Promoters want to know: Can you fill the venue?

The bar owners want to know: Will your fans buy drinks?

Record labels want to know: When they Google you, if anyone else is talking about you other than yourself

Radio wants to know: How much money ya got?

& Potential fans want to know: Why should I care?



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