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New Music: Glitz- To Turnt Up[Feat. GMC][Prod. By GMC]

New music from #BajanHiphop Femcee “Glitz” … Turning Up 2 a #GMCOfficialMusic produced Trap joint called “2 Turnt Up” featuring GMC.

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The Art Of Standing Out! -GMCOfficialMusic

Most of us want to be recognized for the work we contribute to this world. And most artists desire some degree of acceptance. We want people to take some time out to listen; to watch. But you’re in competition Not just with other artists; you’re also in a competition with video games, TV shows, movies, social media and a bunch of other things.

It’s very tempting to see what everyone else is paying attention to and just copy that. You want to create music that the DJs can blend into the mix with everything else. But just blending in makes it easy for you to be forgotten and ignored.

You have to bring something new to the game. The pathway to exposing your art to the masses used to be blocked by a few gatekeepers. That’s no longer the case. Youtube and social media have given you open access to connect with others and share your art with them. It’s on you to hold their attention and make them care enough to come back.

Don’t be afraid to be different and try something new. If it doesn’t connect like you planned, try a different approach until you find the one that works. If an artist blows up by using Instagram, don’t try to copy the same formula. Find out how you can learn from that blueprint to create a successful pathway of your own. Focus on creating the type of art that travels on it’s own. The kind that drives others to share and spread it. This is best achieved by taking risks. No one is an overnight success. You’ll make some mistakes. That’s not the crime. The worst crime is being boring.

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