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New music video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “Go N Get It”

New music video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “Go N Get It”. © 2015 Futuristik Music Group.

Written, Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: #GMCOfficialMusic

Shot & Video Edited by: Futuristik Filmz, a division of #GMCOfficialMusic


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3 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of Your Music Group/Band -GMCOfficialMusic

Groups and crews bust up all the time. Here are 3 things you can avoid if you don’t want to end up out on your ass.

1. Arguing about money that hasn’t been made yet

Some people start stressing and trippin about anticipated success. They get weird when they think that things are finally about to take off for the crew.

This anxiety causes some folks to suddenly claiming unreasonable percentages of earnings owed to them when this imaginary flatbed of money finally pulls up in the driveway.

I’ve seen some people get individual representation that’s separate from the group. Many crews and groups have broken up just before a record deal was about to happen because a lot of this stuff wasn’t talked about in the beginning.

Don’t end up being the one making outrageous claims about what percentage of zero you’re owed before your crew has any real opportunity to make financial gains.

2. Bringing opinions of your spouse or significant other to the group

No one gives a shit if your girl doesn’t think track 3 shouldn’t make the album. Crew business should stay crew bidness. Girlfriends and boyfriends can make things awkward when they don’t stay in their lanes. Don’t embarrass yourself and end up without a crew and probably without your significant other either.

3. Lateness

Are you the one always late for shit?… Late to the studio, late for the photoshoot, late for meetings, and late for rehearsals. Those around you will eventually get fed up with this. Time is money and if you’re crewing up at this stage, you’re going to be much more difficult to deal with when shit is on and poppin. Shape up. Anybody can be replaced.

If any of you can think of any other things that should be added to this list, leave them in the comment section!


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