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Dynamic Lyric Video[Kinetic Typography] Specials

Our services are for the upcoming/established artists of any genre. With this Kinetic Typography lyric video your fans will hear/see your music from a creative perspective. Perfectly timed & ed…

Source: Dynamic Lyric Video[Kinetic Typography] Specials


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New music video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “Go N Get It”

New music video by #BajanHiphop Artist #GMCOfficialMusic performing “Go N Get It”. © 2015 Futuristik Music Group.

Written, Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: #GMCOfficialMusic

Shot & Video Edited by: Futuristik Filmz, a division of #GMCOfficialMusic

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Download GMC’s highly anticipated “The Bridgetown Knight 2[Street album]”


#BajanHiphop/Rap artist & producer #GMCOfficialMusic’s second highly anticipated self-produced street album titled “The Bridgetown Knight 2

TBK2 [Official Album Artwork]

Name: GMC- The Bridgetown Knight 2
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2014
Label: Futuristik Musik Group[Indie]
Featuring: BelleHop/Robbin HooD/Piranha Ice/Maloneyy/Antonio/Phoenix
Producers: GMCOfficialMusic [Self-Produced]
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 53 Minutes
Size: 135.9 MB

TBK2 [Official Album Artwork] [back]

GMC- The Bridgetown Knight 2[Street album]download link:

Powered By: Futuristik Musik Group | Uneasy Riders Wear | 246Mixtapes & Flight Skool Ent.

For More Info, Bookings, Recording sessions & features, email GMC @

Feel Free To Download , Comment , Share And Like These Pages & Thanks In Advance For All The Support!

-The Bridgetown Knight II

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GMC- The Making Of “Klukast” Instrumen

GMC- The Making Of “Klukast” Instrumental[Studio Session]

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[Music Video] GMC- I’m Back[Official Mu

[Music Video] GMC- I’m Back[Official Music Video]
#GMCOfficialMusic #TBK2 #FMG

Watch the Official Video Here:

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Movement skate competition held in Barbados over the weekend

Sample pics from the Movement skate comp held in Barbados over the weekend. The atmosphere was irie & i even tried a few skate moves myself like trying to keep balance. The indie skate designers also came out & set up shop with exclusive designed gear. Overall it was successful event despite the 20min downpour & the hour wait for the turf to dry. i’m definitely looking forward to it next year.

HPIM0008 HPIM0005 HPIM0004 HPIM0017 HPIM0019 HPIM0029 HPIM0031 HPIM0037 HPIM0038 HPIM0041 HPIM0044 HPIM0049 HPIM0070 HPIM0072 HPIM0071 HPIM0100HPIM0092HPIM0095

Uneasy Riders CEO Bernard & Maloneyy

HPIM0080   HPIM0012

Movement Skate Comp held in Barbados over the weekend

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