Ambitious is an understatement when describing this very talented Barbadian native hiphop artist & producer ‘GMC‘ or to be more SEO friendly… #GMCOfficialMusic to the world!!!


He just  had this unique addiction to the world of hiphop & rap. Now I’m not gonna say he had a musical background as a kid, because he didn’t, that’s why his passion & drive into his music never ceases to amaze.
Driven by his obsessive will to ‘shine’ through the ‘cloudy’ local music industry dominated by soca & dancehall respectively, he promises to put Bridgetown Barbados on the map in the world of hiphop & Rap.
And as an artist & producer of his own works, GMC naturally spills originality & creativity on everything he touches, he’s sure to take Barbados, the Caribbean & the world by storm.

“Re-construction Mixtape 2012”


GMC released his first official solo mixtape “Re-construction” under his co-founded indie label UBMG[Urban Bass Music Group].

With self produced singles such as “Everything Bless” “Rollin'” “This Is How We Do It” “Got It Right Here” “Lying To Myself” & “SnapBack“, the track that got him signed at Gold Coast Records on it’s debut, when performed with label co-founder Polydan & Raw-G at the Barbados Hiphop Festival 2012.

Futuristic Dreams Mixtape 2013


GMC explains:after the release of re-construction it was all uphill for me, i started to get more focused knowing how tough it is for the average Bajan artist from “avenue” to be recognized in a soca/dancehall dominated market. so my aim on the futuristic mixtape was to bring a more conscious vibe to the game “. with his signature witty, metaphorical style & a huge step up in production, GMC once again delivered a mixtape fans label “Classic”. With hits like “Hate Love Jealousy” “On My Own” “Futuristic Dreams”  he’s definitely on his way to the top!

The Road To The “Bridgetown Knight II”  [Street Album]2014

TBK2 [Official logo scroll]

A new year, a lot has changed since the release of “Futuristic Dreams Mixtape 2013” and things couldn’t be looking more brighter for the rising Barbadian Hiphop artist.

GMC dropped the local indie label [UBMG] (which he co-founded)  and started the new local hiphop movement #FuturitikMusikGroup [FMG].(due to management issues).




Bridgetown Knight II”  the sequel to GMC’s underpromoted “Bridgetown Knight I” which he released in 2010.

TBK2 [Official Album Artwork]

GMC explains:After leaving [UBMG] it was time for a different ball game so to speak. Cutting all former ties & starting fresh.. It was time to test myself as the producer & artist i know I am,  and what better way than to release a 100% self-produced project.

And did he deliver…  a 20 track masterpiece that would change the way critics look at the existing #BajanHiphop scene.

Self-hosted alongside upcoming Bajan Dj’s Fabolous & Dj Hi-Dro… the skits/interludes alone take you into the struggle GMC faces as an upcoming artist/producer. #TBK2 boasts features from artist like ‘Maloneyy, Robbin Hood, BelleHop, Phoenix to name a few and singles such as  Heading To The Top  ‘Fly Away’  ‘Workin’ Wit’ sealed the deal as another successful project completed.


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