Mixing & Mastering Services

I am a producer/engineer that specializes in mixing & mastering.

I have credits on loads of indie label releases and have mixed and mastered hundreds of songs for independent upcoming artists.

My mastering services will take your mix to another level, guaranteed!


My prices start at just $15 for a master of your song.

My Mastering process includes:

-corrective/balancing/mastering eq
-stereo widening
-harmonic saturation
-commercial standard volume level

  • No Presets – your song(s) will get the individual attention they deserve!
  • Competitive Volume – Your track(s) will be competitive in volume to major label releases – an absolute MUST in the current music industry
  • Quick Turnaround – Your song will be returned in 24 hours or less in CD quality WAV format or 320kbps MP3 format (your choice)


What I need from you

Just send your audio file with enough headroom and no compressor, equalizer or limiter on the master channel. Basically, please make sure the output level is not too loud. The ideal output level should be around -6dB.



  1. Place order [Click logo below]
  2. Email track to : gmcofficialmusic@gmail.com

Order our mastering service today


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