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New Kinetic Typography Style lyric video by #BajanHipHop artist & producer GMC called “All I Know” Feat. Robbin HooD & Nessa.

New Kinetic Typography Style lyric video by #BajanHipHop artist & producer GMC called “All I Know” Feat. Robbin HooD & Nessa.

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by #GMCOfficialMusic:

Video By: Futuristik Filmz, a division of #GMCOfficialMusic:


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Dynamic Lyric Video[Kinetic Typography] Specials

Our services are for the upcoming/established artists of any genre. With this Kinetic Typography lyric video your fans will hear/see your music from a creative perspective. Perfectly timed & edited typography to suit your style of music…. This is what we do.

We’re now offering our new “Kinetic Lyric Video” services at just:

$85[Premium Lyric Video] [Gold Package]

 $25[Standard Lyric Video] [Silver Package]

 $15 [Basic Lyric Video] [Bronze Package]



I can make effects/lyrics to music, make animated backgrounds and anything else you need for your project. No word count necessary, we work with full songs/freestyles etc, 

Genres: Rap, Hiphop, Dancehall, Reggae, Metal, Rock, Gospel… all genres

-Check out some of our previous projects done:




We have broken our services into 3 affordable packages to fit your budget/project:

BASIC: $15 USD [Details below] Completion: 6 days

 Full song [Up to 6mins]
– 1 color background [You choose color] or 1 Image you send [or leave it up to me]

-1 text color & font [You choose] [or leave it up to me]

Output in mp4 format 1080 x 720p HD

[example below]

STANDARD: $25 USD [Details belowCompletion: 5 days

– One lyric video up to 6 mins.

– 4 simple color background [You choose colors] or images you send or leave it to me

– 4 text color changes

– Titles/Credits/Promo

Output in mp4 format 1080 x 720p HD

[example below]

PREMIUM: $85 USD [Details below] Completion: 7 days

One lyric video up to 6 mins.

Various color background [You choose color] or leave it to me

word by word typography & effects

Or Add any photos or video footage you send

– Various color changes of text [You choose color] or leave it to me

Output in mp4 format full HD 1280 x 1080

Professional Titles 

Visual Effects










1. Click Logo of selected package to get started Ordering [PayPal Only]


order now


order now


order now

2.  Click Logo below to Download ‘Preference form’  and send required files [along with paypal order number] to specified email address:



That’s it…. your video will be done by the delivery date on selected package & sent to you via email.

If you have any questions send me a message me on facebook [I will reply within the hour]: 

or email: and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Looking forward to work with you on your new project! #GMCOfficialMusic


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New Music Alert: GMC- “All I Know” [Feat. Robbin HooD & Nessa][Prod. By GMCOfficialMusic]

New self-produced music by #BajanHipHop artist #GMCOfficialMusic called ‘All I Know’ featuring Robbin HooD & Nessa. Check it out below:

‘Like’ the official GMC fanpage On Facebook:

Follow on Instagram:

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Mixing & Mastering Services

I am a producer/engineer that specializes in mixing & mastering.

I have credits on loads of indie label releases and have mixed and mastered hundreds of songs for independent upcoming artists.

My mastering services will take your mix to another level, guaranteed!


My prices start at just $15 for a master of your song.

My Mastering process includes:

-corrective/balancing/mastering eq
-stereo widening
-harmonic saturation
-commercial standard volume level

  • No Presets – your song(s) will get the individual attention they deserve!
  • Competitive Volume – Your track(s) will be competitive in volume to major label releases – an absolute MUST in the current music industry
  • Quick Turnaround – Your song will be returned in 24 hours or less in CD quality WAV format or 320kbps MP3 format (your choice)


What I need from you

Just send your audio file with enough headroom and no compressor, equalizer or limiter on the master channel. Basically, please make sure the output level is not too loud. The ideal output level should be around -6dB.



  1. Place order [Click logo below]
  2. Email track to :

Order our mastering service today


order now

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