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New Music: Piranha Ice- Noise In Tha Hood(Feat. GMC)[Prod. By GMC]

Back at It Again!!!…This time around BFM’s Hiphop/rap artist Piranha Ice teams up with Futuristik Musik Group’s GMC to bring you this GMC produced joint called “Noise In The Hood“.


Noise In Tha Hood” would make the 5th collaborative smash hit from the two Barbadian native rappers…
Hate it or love it, call it what you want, over here we call it #Progress

*Download this track:…noise-in-the-hood

follow Piranha Ice on twitter: @crying_diamonds
follow GMC on twitter: @gmcubmg

Check out GMC’s blog for more updates:



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Recording Sessions [From $50BDS] Book Now!!!

Over here at GMCOfficialMusic we have affordable Recording Sessions [From $50BDS] & crazy Beat Deals [From $50BDS] for Artist working on their  mixtapes or albums.

This budget-friendly studio is so affoadable you can get in the zone without pimpin the clock

Photo 5-4-14, 8 55 07 PM

*Original Instrumental Leases From $50BDS


-Leases $50BDS

-Exclusives $100BDS

-Check out some beats “NOW”


*Recording Prices (Per Track):

-Recording(vocals) $50BDS [No Mixing Or Mastering]

-Recording(vocals) & Mixing: $75BDS [No Mastering]

-Recording(vocals) , Mixing & Mastering: $100BDS

Mastering can significantly improve the final sound of a music track and is often one of the most expensive stages in the recording process. It ensures that your music will be heard more consistently  so that it stands toe to toe with professionally released tracks.

  • A  LOUDER mix with maximized volume
  • cutting out mistakes / breaths / coughs and stutters etc  in any audio file
  • EQ & Compression that will bring your music to life
  • Removal of any unwanted frequencies
  • A studio finished sheen to your music
  • Tracks you will be proud to share on radio, iTunes, YouTube or Facebook



*Mixtape Session Specials [10 Tracks] :

$500Bds [Original Price $1000bds]


*Additional fees for alternate versions: $20BDS

-Radio Edit

-A capella



Book your sessions Now:  Call or Whatsapp: 1(246)820-8408

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


Twitter: @GMCUBMG

Facebook Fanpage:

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“Noise In Tha Hood” Artwork.. Track Coming Soon!!!

Just finished the artwork for BFM’s recording artist Piranha Ice new joint “Noise In The Hood” feat. GMC.
We bout to turn up in a min… Track coming soon!!!
#GMCOfficialMusic #PiranhaIce #BFM


Follow GMC on twitter: @GMCubmg
Follow Piranha Ice: @Crying_Diamonds

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GMC releases his newest Instrumental Production called “Push Around Riddim”.

 GMC releases his newest Instrumental Production called “Push Around Riddim“.

push around riddim

Made entirely on Fl Studio 9, GMC says: With the “PAR” I tried to mix the best of three worlds, hiphop/alternative/dancehall and instantly got addicted to the groove of the beat.  So much so that he made two alternate versions of the beat, with and without the sampled hook.

Check out both versions below:

*Without Hook:


*With Sampled Hook:


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HipHop Artist & The B-Word (BUDGET)- GMCOfficialMusic


No, I’m not talking about that b-word. The b-word I’m referring to is BUDGET. You’ll hear plenty about marketing strategies, promotion, managers, and a whole lot of information about how hip hop artists can increase their exposure, and build a fan base. But you rarely hear the cold hard truth about the investment of money it takes to break an artist and sustain a significant buzz.

Social media marketing is not enough to build a hip hop career on. Success in this business, just like any other, requires planning, money, and sometimes a little bit of luck.

If you’re brand new to this, you already know that the recording process alone takes some dedication of time and money. Some of you are able to bypass this monetary investment by either recording your own music, or by having producers who are down with the cause. Hopefully you and your producer know what you’re doing, and have the skills to produce a quality product. Because if you don’t, you’re completely wasting your time. And I’m on the receiving end of a lot of music that’s a complete waste of time.

Okay, now let’s get beyond the recording phase. Got graphic art work? That shit costs. Did it yourself? Oh yeah, I can tell. Merch costs money too. And you need visuals now man! A release is half-assed without videos these days. The fans are using YouTube to listen to and share music. Only those of us in the industry are sharing Soundcloud and Bandcamp links. Gotta shoot a visual and that shit better be nice, or you’re just wasting your time. So you gotta pay someone that knows what the fuck their doing. Visuals are supposed to make the song better by perception. Oh your homeboy shot it with his HD Handycam? I can tell.

Okay, now you got the video shot. You gotta get those YouTube views and likes crackin. You can always pay for views. Won’t help but you can do it. But hey, you can get them shits on World Star Hip Hop. Know this though, unless you’re getting your ass whooped by a homeless, crackhead hooker in a parking lot, you got to pay to get your video on there.

You see this game is filled with a lot of fuckers who are less talented than you, but more than willing to outspend you. Want radio? You’re paying out the ass, G! You can stand in line all you want every Music Monday; you’re not going to get into the playlist rotation. Those local mix show DJs? Most of them want favors and straight up cash because the stations aren’t paying them shit. It’s against the rules to take your money but hell, they gotta eat. Wanna know why there’s so much of that drug shit in hip hop? It’s because them d-boys got the loot to get access. You thought they worked for the post office?

The promoters want you to pay to perform. You don’t have a fan base, you want your 20 person entourage to get in free, and they ain’t buying shit from the bar, so why should the promoter take the loss? It’s business. You could rent out a venue on your own and have at it, but that’s when you get real with yourself.

How much are you willing to invest? Do you really want success? How do you define it? I’m telling you now, if you want a shot at mainstream success, start with some commercial, mainstream songs.

This blog is not going to blow you up. Only a few heads come around here. You’ll get some love from your peers if the shit is hot, but there’s not enough mainstream gossip and strippers here to get you the kind of fanfare you desire. Most other hip hop blogs are only fucking with you if you have a buzz already.

Artists on major labels hate to be on them right now, that is unless you’re somebody like Jay-Z or Kanye.
Being independent is the only way to go now, but you gotta go hard or go home if you want to win. And you’re gonna have to spend some money, doesn’t have to be your own, but somebody’s gotta fork over some stacks to help you stand out in this over-saturated industry. And that reality of the business unfortunately trumps the talent most of the time. You’ve heard the 90% business, 10% talent mantra. That’s the game. You don’t like it, go into tech and build apps. The odds of success will probably be much better without all the haters, cutthroats, and bullshitters. But if you’re one of the few who are driven by an indescribable passion to be great at this, you’ll find the path.

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5 Reasons Why HipHop Is Better Today- GMCOfficialMusic

Quit your yappin about the 90s being the better era of hip hop! Nostalgia has it’s place. I’m a product of old school hip hop but these days are much better. Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Variety:


There’s hip hop all over the place. All types. Sure a lot of it sucks ass, but there’s some really great hip hop out there also. You gotta take the good with the bad.


2. The music is always available:


Most artists have made their music free for you to stream or listen to before you make the decision to purchase it. Wanna hear something?
Nine times out of ten, you can probably find it on Spotify or YouTube. Music piracy is becoming a thing of the past. I remember the days when I would buy a CD because I heard a couple of singles only to discover that the rest of it sounded like ass. Now you can try before you by. This is better!


3. Fuck the radio:


You no longer need your local radio station to put you up on new music. With the help of the internet and social networks, fans of hip hop are able to get up on new shit way before radio gets the chance to cram it down your throat by playing the same song 20 times within the hour.


4. Access to artists:


Social networks like Twitter and Instagram connect fans to artists in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. On Twitter, If you’re a big enough douche-bag you might get lucky enough to personally get cursed out by a famous hip hop artist. Now how cool is that? Before this, you’d have to send fan mail.


5. Independence:


You no longer need large sums of cash to record and distribute music. This has made it possible for a lot of very talented artists to enter into the scene. Before this, artists had to depend on labels or investors to fund the recordings because the costs were so hefty. The low costs of recording and digital distribution has allowed even old school artists the opportunity to continually release music and stay relevant.



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GMC- The Making Of Galactix Instrumental (In Studio Session)

This Weeks Update:

GMC in the studio whippin up a quick banger, something he calls Galactix a 10 minute session.

Made entirely on FL Studio 9, GMC says: ” I simply dont care what these other producers use or what the say the industry standard is or what new DAW came out last week. Fuck that shit, it isn’t about the DAW you use,  It’s all about the creativity applied to what you have” Check out the video:


“Subscribe” to GMC’s Youtube Channel:


Galactix Instrumental Download Link:





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5 Things Indie Hip Hop Artists Can Learn From A Politician


There’s a helluva lot to loathe about politicians, but as the cliche saying goes, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”. Here are a few effective practices indie artists can learn from them.

1. There’s an audience for you:

You can be a bat shit crazy nut job and still find a significant number of supporters. Trust that there are others out there that will dance to your tune.

2. You can find funding:

A politician who can appear to have absolutely no chance at winning can still find willing financial contributors to his or her campaign. If your presentation is right, so can you.

3. Effective promotion:

Politicians make it possible for their supporters to proudly display their belief in their candidacy by creating buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, and other advertising materials to spread the message. They invest in ads because they work. This works for indie artists as well.

4. A failure is not defeat:

Some politicians lose a number of elections and emerge victorious for the same office they were rejected for a few years prior. People will and do change their minds.

5. Kiss the babies:

Nothing trumps good old fashioned grassroots organizing, and politicians do that better than most. When you get out there, shake hands, and make face to face connections with others, it’s builds stronger rapport and relationships.

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